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Web-Based Customer Service Software: Things to consider

Some Things To Consider When Shopping For Web-Based Customer Service Software

 Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, many things that used to be done in person can now be done online. This is great news for consumers, because companies now have a fast and easy way to assist their customers unlike ever before, and they can even support international clients.

There is an enormous amount of options when it comes to web-based customer service software, so how can you be sure which one is going to give the most ‘bang’ for your buck? This article will cover some small but essential details of the more popular choices, saving time when selecting your software.

One of the most important functions customer service software is providing customers with the option to speak to a live person if needed. This live support service comes with practically every customer service package, but each one does have different features. For example, one product may have a live support function, but it might not offer automated messages.

This would be an ideal solution for a large business, as it would ensure that customers are always speaking with a real person who has been properly trained, and not just a computer that has been programmed to give automated responses. But for a smaller company that employs just a handful of individuals, this option may not be the best. The smaller business would most likely need an automated feature, for times when nobody is available.

Another important function that every site should have is a neatly organized ticket system. A ticket system will allow both customers and visitors to submit any questions or concerns they have, even when a live support operator is not available. These ticket systems are very easy to set up, and will make sure that customers get the help they need with a reasonable response time.

Saving the sale with… live chat

Having live chat capabilities on your e-commerce site can make the difference between keeping a sale and loosing one. Why would this make a difference? Confidence. Consumers want to know that there is a live person behind the website that can handle any problems or questions that arise. Live chat provides a way for the internet consumer to connect with the website in a personal way.

If you have a customer that cannot find a product, has questions about the product or questions about service, they want to know the answers right then. Waiting for an email reply creates a delay in the selling process. Most sales happen “spur of the moment” and when you pass that “moment” you will loose the sale.

Older customers and those that are new to internet purchasing are more likely to connect with a website that they can talk to someone on. This creates a personal experience and alleviates the fear of purchasing from the unknown. Many older people are afraid that every website is a scam and if they make a purchase it is from an unseen- unknown source. The ability to communicate with the site creates a personality that they can relate to and feel comfortable with.

If a customer wants to know additional information, again, the ability to receive that information instantly creates a sense of urgency and forces the sale. Once a person commits to contacting a site with a question they are more apt to go through with the purchase.

Websites that offer this service are finding that their sales increase dramatically once initiated. They are often surprised at the amount of usage this particular program receives. Even better, they are pleased with the sales resulting from that usage.

If your site does not have live chat software installed and live help channel for customers to get instant help – you are losing customers and sales which you otherwise would’ve had secured.

Live Chat vs Phone

live chat is convinientLive Chat Support produces better results than phone support

Especially in a society where the role of technology is playing a larger role than ever, consumer support resources are adapting to this change. In addition, telecommunication is becoming more and more obsolete, especially for consumer support. Live internet chat support has been proven to be more effective and is quickly becoming the medium of choice.

Studies have shown that people are more intimidated when having a person-to-person interaction, such as a phone call conversation, than using a more discrete communication channel. Live chat support software produces better results than phone support.

A live chat support channel allows for the consumer to ask precisely the question he or she would like answered without stuttering or being interrupted, for example. A phone call can be more like an experience with a demanding auto salesperson, putting the consumer in an uncomfortable situation.

Additionally, people can be reluctant to ask questions to someone over the phone. Especially if the consumer is unfamiliar with the salesperson on the phone, they are less likely to ask the real question they are inquiring about. Moreover, a consumer will tend to give into someone over the phone more often than over a discrete communication channel.

Finally, consumers can have a more calculated response because they do not have to respond instantaneously. Unlike a phone call where the support staff on the other end can be hard to understand or demanding, a communication channel over the internet is a friendlier type of communication.