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Using quality assurance to track and improve help desk effectiveness

Tracking and improving the effectiveness of a company’s help desk operation is a key factor in customer satisfaction and help desk performance. An efficient help desk is a key area of support when addressing client and personnel issues. Most help desks are the first line of communication within a company when clients call with issues.

As a result, it is important to increase help desk performance. Help desk department managers and staff must have the tools they need to understand their customers’ needs and to develop best practices. The first step in assessing a help desk’s efficiently is by conducting a customer satisfaction survey. Feedback from such surveys helps managers decided on how to improve their business.

Another tool management uses to asses help desk performance is the use of recording devices and regular meetings. Help desk department manager use the recordings of actual help desk calls to provide an ongoing assessment and a review for help desk callers.

Once the help desk’s performance has been assessed, managers may seek out software solutions or devise scripts from commonly asked questions or responses. Call tracking software is an excellent tool for help desk managers to use especially since it can record and track a number of help desk quality assurance indicators. Scripts are another excellent tool for managers to standardize their help desk response to customer questions.

A scripted reply allows the help desk staff to give standardized questions to the most common helpdesk questions. Scripts help streamline quality by assuring that staff has a standardized reply. For companies that outsource their help desks the need for standardization in help desk replies and a stable way to assure quality assurance is found through the use of scripts and recording calls for management review.

Some help desk organizations even have weekly meeting which use these recorded calls as a tool to train staff on best practices. By using such quality assurance tools such as help desk scripts, software, and conversational recording, help desk manager can elevate or eliminate such quality issues as customer dissatisfaction, slow help desk response times, and poor communication.

Web-Based Customer Service Software: Things to consider

Some Things To Consider When Shopping For Web-Based Customer Service Software

 Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, many things that used to be done in person can now be done online. This is great news for consumers, because companies now have a fast and easy way to assist their customers unlike ever before, and they can even support international clients.

There is an enormous amount of options when it comes to web-based customer service software, so how can you be sure which one is going to give the most ‘bang’ for your buck? This article will cover some small but essential details of the more popular choices, saving time when selecting your software.

One of the most important functions customer service software is providing customers with the option to speak to a live person if needed. This live support service comes with practically every customer service package, but each one does have different features. For example, one product may have a live support function, but it might not offer automated messages.

This would be an ideal solution for a large business, as it would ensure that customers are always speaking with a real person who has been properly trained, and not just a computer that has been programmed to give automated responses. But for a smaller company that employs just a handful of individuals, this option may not be the best. The smaller business would most likely need an automated feature, for times when nobody is available.

Another important function that every site should have is a neatly organized ticket system. A ticket system will allow both customers and visitors to submit any questions or concerns they have, even when a live support operator is not available. These ticket systems are very easy to set up, and will make sure that customers get the help they need with a reasonable response time.

Saving the sale with… live chat

Having live chat capabilities on your e-commerce site can make the difference between keeping a sale and loosing one. Why would this make a difference? Confidence. Consumers want to know that there is a live person behind the website that can handle any problems or questions that arise. Live chat provides a way for the internet consumer to connect with the website in a personal way.

If you have a customer that cannot find a product, has questions about the product or questions about service, they want to know the answers right then. Waiting for an email reply creates a delay in the selling process. Most sales happen “spur of the moment” and when you pass that “moment” you will loose the sale.

Older customers and those that are new to internet purchasing are more likely to connect with a website that they can talk to someone on. This creates a personal experience and alleviates the fear of purchasing from the unknown. Many older people are afraid that every website is a scam and if they make a purchase it is from an unseen- unknown source. The ability to communicate with the site creates a personality that they can relate to and feel comfortable with.

If a customer wants to know additional information, again, the ability to receive that information instantly creates a sense of urgency and forces the sale. Once a person commits to contacting a site with a question they are more apt to go through with the purchase.

Websites that offer this service are finding that their sales increase dramatically once initiated. They are often surprised at the amount of usage this particular program receives. Even better, they are pleased with the sales resulting from that usage.

If your site does not have live chat software installed and live help channel for customers to get instant help – you are losing customers and sales which you otherwise would’ve had secured.

Why Live Chat support service is so important?

live chat operatorImportance of Live Chat Support Service

Live chat support is the next level in gaining customer loyalty. Having someone there to answer questions provides instant feedback, develops customer trust and gives you an edge over the competition.

Instant Feedback
You are constantly tweaking and improving your website to keep the content and layout fresh. You want customers to keep coming back to see the changes and marvel in the product lines that you offer. A live chat professional allows for your customers to provide real, live feedback about the site and offer suggestions for improvement. Your customers will tell you how well you’re doing by the questions that they ask and feedback they’ll provide.

Develop trust
Nobody enjoys feeling like they have no support in their endeavors. Your clients are no different. They want to feel that there is somebody that they can turn to if they have any questions about your product or web design. They want to feel that they have a ‘say’ in a website’s development and to believe that a company cares about their needs. An experienced chat professional can offer all of those services to your customers.

Keep an edge on the competition
You need any edge over the competition that you can get. By offering live, dynamic assistance instead of static help pages, you gain the edge that you need. You have added a personal touch, and can develop a personal rapport with the customers that will keep them coming back to your website. Coming back to your site means they aren’t thinking about the competition.

When you offer live chat support, you create an atmosphere of trust. That trust is invaluable, and will convert those who are ‘just browsing’ into your raving fans and company evangelists.

Best live chat software: What to look for?

best live chat softwareWith the recent downfall of the economy, many businesses have faced small to large-scale cutbacks in employees. Unfortunately with these cuts comes loss of business and lowering of quality in customer service and sales. With the new revolution of online live chat communications, revenues and customer service quality will not need to fall. Some live chat software rates are as low as about $10 per month per agent. Lately many companies have utilized this phenomenal feature, so most customers now expect a live chat option, often making a personal judgment of a company based on ease of access for help. Live chat is most useful when placed on the landing or home page of the website. Considering the very important advantages of live chat, the only issue left to face is finding the best live chat software. Countless options exist, but here are a few things to look for in the best live chat software programs:

  • Automatic Invitation To Chat
    This feature is the most important to seek when searching for the best live chat software. While the internet has gained popularity among the majority of the population, some people may have difficulty navigating a website to find the option to find live chat. Put the idea into a real life comparison: imagine a shopper walking into a store and not knowing where to look for what is sought; would the shopper have a better experience searching alone or would it be easier if an employee approached the shopper, offering to help? The answer is easy; the same idea is prevalent for online live chat. Customers will be much more impressed by an automatic greeting and invitation to chat with a live agent who is able to answer their questions.


  • Ease of use
    This idea should be all-encompassing for the following features: ease of use, setup, support and monitoring access. The best live chat software should rate very highly in these features. Some programs are fairly difficult to use and they may be learned, but it is much more convenient to own a quality user-friendly chat software.


  • Additional Useful Features
    Some additional features are very helpful; one of the most helpful is a built-in spell checker. Catching spelling errors is crucial to uphold a professional appearance. A typing indicator is also important to let the customer know exactly when the agent is typing and vice versa, which will keep the conversation engaging.

Live Chat Software produces real results

Live chat software produces resultsLive Chat Software produces real results

With today’s technology shoppers will search the web before ever thinking about visiting a dealer. Each of these visitors to these web pages are potential customers. And like all customers, they will need to have all of their questions addressed before considering a purchase.

Live chat software allows these visitors to interact with websites’ technical support, customer service department, sales department or any other department. Any questions these people have can be answered immediately, saving time and preventing the loss of a customer.

Another great advantage live chat software offers is how user friendly it is. Owners can add and remove operators to the software with just a few simple clicks, allowing them to log in to the system and go online at any time, from any computer in the world. This is great for a business, both large and small, where employees are frequently coming and going.

With Proactive Live Chat Invitations, operators can even engage a visitor as soon as they enter the website, or at any other time they choose. Several major websites use this unique feature. It lets their visitors sort of browse around for a few moments before then ‘approaching’ them. Live chat software also lets visitors request a live chat session instantly if needed.

If your website does not have Live Chat, get it today! Proudly announce to all of your existing and new customers that you have it! This adds trust and improves sales and customer loyalty! 

Live Chat vs Phone

live chat is convinientLive Chat Support produces better results than phone support

Especially in a society where the role of technology is playing a larger role than ever, consumer support resources are adapting to this change. In addition, telecommunication is becoming more and more obsolete, especially for consumer support. Live internet chat support has been proven to be more effective and is quickly becoming the medium of choice.

Studies have shown that people are more intimidated when having a person-to-person interaction, such as a phone call conversation, than using a more discrete communication channel. Live chat support software produces better results than phone support.

A live chat support channel allows for the consumer to ask precisely the question he or she would like answered without stuttering or being interrupted, for example. A phone call can be more like an experience with a demanding auto salesperson, putting the consumer in an uncomfortable situation.

Additionally, people can be reluctant to ask questions to someone over the phone. Especially if the consumer is unfamiliar with the salesperson on the phone, they are less likely to ask the real question they are inquiring about. Moreover, a consumer will tend to give into someone over the phone more often than over a discrete communication channel.

Finally, consumers can have a more calculated response because they do not have to respond instantaneously. Unlike a phone call where the support staff on the other end can be hard to understand or demanding, a communication channel over the internet is a friendlier type of communication.